XSF has completely changed the Truss Industry once again… Make no mistake about it, Strength Matters and XSF has recently put their “Made in the USA” truss to the test and the engineering results are in….

 XSF has not only passed the base qualifications for truss strength, but has completely blown the standard out of the water!

For years, numerous truss manufacturers have published their standard allowable Safe Working Load on horizontal members in a truss at 250 to 350 pounds.

“XSF has a certified load rating that is up to 8 times more than other truss manufacturers!”

Clark Reder Engineering


XSF has a certified load rating that is 8 times more than any other truss!

XSF, along with Clark Reder Engineering, has a certified safe allowable load rating of 2,000 pounds on a standard horizontal! That is as much as 8 times stronger and more reliable than any other truss manufacturer can offer. One full Ton of capacity, on engineering-certified horizontals, regardless of whether the horizontal is at a panel point or not. Now that is peace of mind, that you can hang your hat on… even if your hat weighs 2000 pounds!

Our process and knowledgeable staff make our projects safe, secure and worry-free. We take great pride in all the services we offer and it shows in the results. When it comes to safety, don’t compromise. Demand the Best. Demand truss from XSF.

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XSF provides standard truss in a variety of sizes, strengths, and lengths.  From our affordable 10” XLITE truss line, to industry standard 12” and 20.5” truss, to high strength long span 36” truss, we offer a wide variety of truss sizes.  Each truss size can be manufactured in lengths ranging from 1 foot to 15 feet and in some cases up to 24 feet in length.

The World of  Truss is deep and vast. Materials, shapes, sizes, and accessories all play an important role in determining what is right for your application. Below is a list of Truss styles and truss products to meet your trussing needs

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