What is a 5 Chord Truss and Where to Use it?

XSF offers the option of installing a 5th chord in any of our standard product line of truss.

The 5th chord can be installed in the top or bottom face of the truss providing the versatility of not only a standard box truss, but the 5th Chord acts as a center or balanced hang point for any of your entertainment and media devices such as LED screens, display panels, signage, or curtains.

The extra chord runs down the center of the truss and allows for a quick way to safely rig heavy line loads such as video walls providing a very clean and tidy look to your stage or presentation. When using the 5 chord truss in this type of application, the ease and time of setup and rigging time is reduced drastically without unbalanced load issues.

XSF Diamond Truss offers a similar solution with a different look and high load rating capacities.

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12 x12 5th Chord Truss - Rig from Top

A 5th Chord added to the top face of truss.

Protective Bolt Plate Truss -Truss Innovation


 XSF has not only passed the base qualifications for truss strength, but has completely blown the standard out of the water!  “XSF has a certified load rating on horizontal members that is 8 times more than other truss manufacturers!” 

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certified 1 ton rating Truss

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