Episode #2 of the XSF Truss Gallery Series shows some of the large scale truss grids XSF have installed in Stadiums, Domes and Arenas around the USA.

To learn more information about the installations in this video call us or visit  https://staging.xsftruss.com/arena-installations/  

Having large structural truss installations must meet the very highest of industry standards and requirements. This video looks at several Arenas, Stadium and Dome installs XSF Truss have been involved with. Some of these include:

The video illustrates the importance of having a team that is experienced, and knowledgeable in large scale truss structure applications. From engineering, fabricating, erecting and design,  XSF understands and can execute these large projects start to completion.

Large Truss Grids for Domes, Stadiums and Arenas, contact XSF and our team, https://staging.xsftruss.com |  Lighting Truss Manufacturing and Fabrication