Concert & Production Truss

When it comes to concert, corporate or theater productions there are always many moving parts and technical hurdles to overcome.  From truss, chain hoists, rigging equipment and safety gear,  Xtreme Structures and Fabrication is a global brand that leads the way in making successful shows, productions and events.

There are no substitutes for experience. When it comes to the entertainment industry XSF recognizes and understands all the elements that make a great show. Working with Xtreme Structures you can take comfort in knowing you have the perfect solution and expert, dedicated professionals looking after you.

We welcome you to call us and discuss your concert or production needs.

Below are a few great projects our company has been involved with.

Marvel Universe logo

Marvel Universe Live!

A live action super hero themed touring production produced by Feld Entertainment.  The stage set manufactured by XSF included a 40’ x 40’ automated stage that lifted and rotated transforming into a vertical wall during the show.  The stage set is supported by eight 16” x 16” towers with overall dimensions of 72’ x 25’.   During the show Captain America is chasing Red Skull on motorcycles and they both perform a 19’ vertical jump up to landings built into the stage set.

Marvel Universe Live! is a great example of the diversity and capabilities of XSF on touring productions.

Marvel Universe Live Install

Disney on Ice Logo

Disney on Ice and Disney Live

Feld Entertainment’s Disney on Ice and Disney Live has partnered with XSF for over 12 years on a number of touring shows.  XSF has provided stage sets, lighting grids, and ground supported structures as large as 80’ x 65’ with 45’ tall towers.  We also work with each show to provide specialty items like props or other features of the show.  Our longstanding relationship with Feld Entertainment shows the commitment and loyalty we have for our customers.

Disney on Ice

Ringling Brother and Barnum Bailey Circus logo

Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus

XSF is proud to be a part of the 145 year tradition of Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circuses, “The Greatest Show On Earth”!  From stage sets designed to accommodate an orchestra overhead while elephants pass below, to trapeze and tight rope acts we have worked closely with them to provide a wide array of structures and custom fabrication components to meet their needs.

Ringling Brother and Barnum Bailey Circus