When people think of the best magician and illusionist on the planet, Criss Angel, is often the first that comes to mind. The Mindfreak himself, has now brought his exciting Rock and Roll brand of magic to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

This 2019/2020 Criss Angel, Mindfreak Show captivates and excites audience members in a way not seen since Harry Houdini walked the planet.

The show boasts over 75 mind-bending illusions with hair raising, state of the art effects.  XSF is proud to have been involved and helped create such an amazing show.

“There are over 900 linear feet of truss over the audience with over a half a billion pixels of video.”

“There is only one truss company I could trust to make this all work and that’s XSFTruss!”

Criss Angel, Mindfreak, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

The Staging and Custom Truss for Mindfreak, Criss Angel

The show is described as a “technological marvel, designed to overload your senses and support Criss Angel’s visionary magic”. As one would expect, this Mindfreak Show came with several technical challenges and innovations that required a high level of detail and precision.

There is a lot of truss in this show, some is above the audience, some on stage, and some off. With that said, one unique aspect of this show was simply the variety of sizes and custom truss required for different reasons and purposes. While 100’s of feet of 20.5” x 20.5” truss was used in horizontal spans and vertical columns on and off stage, XSF also created a “never built before custom ”12” high by 6” wide truss,  for use over head to carry above-average weight capacities.

Completely powder coated black, the star truss of this show is the 9 “fingers” of truss and video panels that span from front of stage to back of house. Each truss span is approximately 50 feet long and supports ½ meter X ½ meter LED Video over the audience.


TRUSS SPANS with LED Video Panels

As the design lead, Vice President Mark of XSF describes the finger trusses.

“The theater has structural areas that date back to when the Hotel was the Aladdin. Knowing this,  there are always interesting nuances that make us work a little harder and think a little smarter. A unique challenge with these particular, over audience truss spans was there were very tight tolerances required. The truss needed to taper down to a very low trim height at the back of house which required a minimum height  truss. Adding to this challenge it was concluded that the truss fingers needed to be all independent and have articulating fingers which would allow technicians to work on the video panels from the floor rather than utilizing fall protection. This is a big safety feature for the show.

The hoist are primarily CM Loadstars and Prostars.

If you’re looking to get dazzled on your next visit to Las Vegas drop into Planet Hollywood and take in the Criss Angel Show, you will not be disappointed.