Custom Branded Truss Engraving

As a leading innovator in Aluminum truss manufacturing and custom fabrication,  XSF  is now offering  a new and exciting service we call Custom Branded Truss Engraving. While it may sound like it is all flashy design, Custom Branded Truss Engraving also has a very practical side that can save you thousands of dollars.

In today’s ever competitive world, the importance of branding and marketing has never been greater. Having your brand in front of an audience creates customer recognition, enhances your company credibility and can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

We can take a simple company name or logo and beautifully etch it directly into your Truss.

XSF not only understands the influence of “branded truss” for advertising purpose but also the significant importance in truss loss prevention.  You no longer have to be vulnerable to these events that can result in major company losses. Having custom Engraved or branded truss will prevent or greatly reduce these losses.

And on top of that… it really looks cool!  Having your brand or company name carved in aluminum says something powerful about your brand and your company.

Dave Isom is a sales design and drafting expert that heads up the Custom Engraved Truss Services in house at XSF.   He works with our customers to incorporate their logo, name or design along with placement or location on the truss.

Once finalized, Dave will provide approval 3D drawings so you know exactly what your branded truss will look like before we even get started.

This process creates a permanent brand in the truss or component.  Did we mention it looks really cool!

XSF offers this service on our new Protective Bolt Plate truss, corner blocks, pinch blocks and base plates.

If you’re looking to take your rental truss line to a new level we encourage you to call and talk to Dave directly at 903-438-1100.