Custom Truss

Xtreme Structures and Fabrication are innovators and experts that continually raise the bar in delivering a high-quality product to our customers and clients. When event coordinators, concert production teams, and architects are looking for something “out of the box”, they often come to XSF.  While truss is most often structural it can also take center stage as art or take a strong supporting role in the look.

As a company that has built truss structures for traveling Disney shows, big band concert productions and eye-popping tradeshow events we understand and have the creative expertise to design and build such stage “art”.

We encourage you to look through the Applications section of website and see the growing number of projects XSF has been involved in.

Guggenheim Museum


Autonomous Cart System

Japan ACS System

Trade Show Booths

custom truss applications

custom aluminum truss

Custom Truss Application