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iTruss Makes it EASY & FAST.

Take all the guess work out of Load Distributions and Truss Capabilities.

iTruss gives you the information you need to get the job done safely, quickly and effectively.

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The iTruss App has a Single Screen functionality that allows users to access Engineered Load Ratings for Aluminum Truss Structures.

It quickly and efficiently provides the user with the technical information needed to identify the loading capabilities of a truss as well as the options available for various spans of truss.

There are 4 primary factors that come into play when safely specifying a truss span or structure.

  • Load Distribution
  • Span
  • Weight
  • Truss Type with Load Capacity/Tables

By entering ANY 3 of the above parameters, iTruss will provide you with the 4th and final missing piece of information.

Apple and Android for itruss

For example, you know exactly what you want to build but you would like to know all the options of truss available to you. SIMPLE…

  1. In the first dropdown menu choose your load distribution. (How many load points will be evenly hung from the truss? 1 to 5 )
  2. Next choose the length of your truss Span (up to 70 feet)
  3. Lastly, with the iTruss weight calculator, put in the amount of weight you will be applying to each distribution point across the span.
  4. That’s ALL!  iTruss quickly serves up all the truss options available to you based on the information you provided. By simply scrolling across your truss options the app provides the complete load tables for each truss.