Powder Coating

Certain theatrical or concert applications may require a different  look for truss. Some of our customers look to create a scene where the truss is hidden from the audience, while others may require the truss to really stand out and be a part of the creative stage look. Powder coating can achieve both of these objectives.

Powder Coating is a dynamic and durable solution that can take your production to a new level.

  •  XSF can have your products powder coated in a potentially huge number of colors. For color specs we use RAL numbers which is a reference panel for powder coating.
  • Here is a list of RAL colors.
  • We offer flat and high gloss finishes
  • Size does not matter. XSF can powder coat any size products or items, big or small.
  • We powder coat any aluminum and/or steel items

powder coating


Powder Coated Truss
Ground Support and Goal Post Truss
Powder Coatred Circular Truss