Integrated Rig Point

The Xtreme Structures (patent pending) Integrated Rig Point (IRP) provides a whole new way to rig your truss safely. The IRP makes rigging easy and more cost-effective

The IRP is a heavy-duty aluminum, integrated rig bar that provides an engineered rig point with a 1-ton load rating at each panel point within the truss.  Welding the rig points into the truss at precise panel points ensures the 1-ton load rating is at the safest location possible. This new innovation from XSF will save riggers time with its convenience and expert design.

The IRP contains a hole designed for a standard 5/8” shackle and eliminates the need for backup fire safety cables.

It can be installed in any XSF standard trusses including:

  • 12”x12”
  • 12”x18”
  • 16”x16”
  • 20.5”x20.5”
  • 30” x 20.5”

At a fraction of the cost of removable rig points, the IRP can be installed at every panel

 point , or can be selectively placed a la carte at fewer panel points.

Protective Bolt Plate Truss -Truss Innovation

Watch the Integrated Rig Point Video to learn more about this innovative and original new product from XSF.


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Integrated Rig Point Truss System

The Integrated Rig Point can be installed in any type of XSF truss including:

  • XSF Protective Bolt Plate Truss
  • XSF Standard Bolt Plate Truss
  • XSF Fork End Truss
  • XSF Aluminum Fork End Truss

Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA.

Powder Coating available upon request in most colors.

Anodizing available upon request in select colors.

12′ TrussX-IRP-12
16′ TrussX-IRP-16
18′ TrussX-IRP-18
20.5′ TrussX-IRP-20.5

New From XSF -Integrated Rig Point

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