Arena and Theater Rigging

If it’s not on the ground then more than likely you will need rigging. Suspending speakers, truss, lighting, video and scenic equipment in the air is serious business and safety should always be the first order of business.

Xtreme Structures are experts in understanding the science of rigging.

In any conditions where there are dynamic loads, having a strong understanding of physics and engineering is paramount. While the products, designs, conditions, configurations and equipment may change, the academic rigging principles must always be firmly applied to every application. Arena rigging, theatrical rigging and tour production rigging require a large playbook of experience to keep things safe and on time.

Whether your application is permanent or touring, attention to detail, the proper methods or principles and first-rate quality equipment are required to ensure all equipment is flown, attached or suspended correctly.

While many think of XSF truss as the leader in truss manufacturing and fabrication, we also have made a commitment to be expert in all the disciplines that surround truss. In doing so, we can effectively equip our customers with a complete understanding of all their project needs and options. The truss and rigging world can be highly overwhelming for even the simplest of jobs or applications. Our in-house staff can listen to your event or project goals and offer the right options to meet your budget and expectations.  XSF can also assist in your install or determine the appropriate requirements for a safe and successful event.

XSF has a broad range of rigging accessories and hardware.  All components are  made to meet the highest safety and industry load standards.  

Do not settle for less.

New Truss Rigging Innovation

As industry innovators XSF is continually looking to evolve our product line. In 2017, we revealed our latest product innovation, the Integrated Rig Point. The Integrated Rig Point simply saves riggers time and money while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

This evolution of truss allows users an entirely new way to rig your truss with ease and safety. Only available from XSF, this heavy duty aluminum integrated rig bar with a 1 ton load rating can be welded at any panel point within the truss. This rig point ensures that the load is at the safest place possible.  The Rig Point can be included in any of XSF’s standard trusses.

See the images below then click here to get the complete details on this new truss innovation!

Rigging Accessories

There are several different varieties of rigging accessories, and each one works best with certain equipment or in particular scenarios. Looking for accessories that will make your installation or load-in and load-out faster and more efficient we welcome you to browse the rigging accessories list below or call us. XSF offers all the necessary products in right sizes and lengths for your project.

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