Test Fit

Do Not Leave things to Chance. Test Fit.

When your truss arrives in pieces, on site, you need the peace of mind of knowing that this structure will be erected correctly and that each component will go together exactly as it was originally  intended. The expert orchestration and execution of each of these pieces should never be underestimated or miscalculated.  The consequences can be extremely costly.

Engineering, designing, fabrication, then pre-construct or test-fitting large structures in house is what we do.

XSF Truss understands customer needs. Through many years of experience we strive to make the truss buying experience as simple, and as positive an experience possible.  When building truss structures for concert venues, museums, outdoor venues, houses of worship or military applications there are many possible precise needs for each and every scenario.


All XSF Truss is 100% USA Made.  Our truss manufacturing and fabrication facility is located in Sulphur Springs, Texas and has been operating since 2002. We have a 43,000 sq. foot shop facility that we plan to expand in 2020.

USA Aluminum Made Truss

We Test Fit every truss order we fabricate and have the facility to do so indoors. Once designs are fully approved and structurally certified our fabrication process begins.  Each and every component must pass a highly processed quality control inspection.

Once this stage of your project is complete we take the time and space to fully assemble  each project, no matter how large, in our 43,000 sq. foot facility.

Truss Rig Test Fit

This is your assurance that when it arrives on site, you have absolutely nothing to fear. With the highest quality standards available in the industry today,  XSF stands by its products, services and people guaranteeing you a positive and successful experience.

Test Fitting large projects is a crucial link between Concept and Completion!

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Click on the images below to see some of the work we have done.