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XSF offers safe and strong ground support systems that are right for your event.  A primary area of XSF expertise is in Ground Support.  As described below we offer 4 categories of Ground Support Truss Systems. Array Towers, Roof Systems, Goal Post Systems and Modular Booth Truss Systems.

We have Light Duty or Heavy Duty  Line Array Towers to meet your needs. To further understand the light line duty array tower we offer 2 videos; Raising and Securing the Light Duty Line Array Tower and Truss Components of the Light Duty Line Array. Flexible, tight and simple designed truss roof systems could be the right solution for your project. Here are 2 feature Roof Systems, Mystic Lake Music Stage and Rock The Desert. Looking for something smaller yet highly effective and versatile? Call us about Goal Post Truss Systems or learn more here.

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XSF offers standard Light Duty and Heavy Duty Line Array Towers for both indoor and outdoor applications


From one of the largest outdoor roof systems in the USA, to an affordable roof system for a trade show booth, XSF offers…


XSF offers standard or custom Goal Posts for video walls, advertising, audio, race finish lines, and much more


The XSF Modular Booth System is a flexible truss system, which uses standard truss components to create multiple…


In an open air situation or when there is no roof to support your equipment,  you will need the proper support of a ground support system.

Just as the trusses themselves hold equipment or decorations, ground support systems anchor each truss to ensure that your entire setup is stable and safe. Whether you’re hanging the lights for a small local event, building a large stage for a temporary concert or setting up a complex system of electronics for an entire sports stadium, understanding ground support systems will help you to have a successful project.

As stated above, Ground Support systems come in four distinct types: roof systems, array towers, goal posts and modular booth truss systems. Each one works best for certain situations. We are always happy to review the exact specifications of your event or project to see what can work for you.

Ground Support and Goal Post Truss

Goal Posts

Goal posts are the middle ground between roof systems and array towers: while they still stretch across a stage or other area, they are still relatively small and simple unlike the vast systems that span major arenas. Because they include two distinct towers and a horizontal beam, goal posts can hold much more than array towers, making them a good choice for backdrops, advertising, video walls, lights or audio. If you’re setting up an event stage for an exhibition or a finish line for a race, the portability and versatility of XSF Truss goal posts may be the perfect choice in your next event.

Array Towers

Array towers are individual towers that can hold equipment such as speakers separately from a larger truss network These towers can often be found symmetrically placed at the edges of larger setups, and they are frequently made of lightweight material in order to ensure an easy and quick assembly and disassembly. XSF understands the dynamics of load on array towers and provides engineering with load ratings and wind analysis for every tower. The knowledge of the Array Towers, their load and how they will react in any adverse conditions such as heavy wind is a very import asset when it comes to audience safety.

Roof Systems

Roof systems constitute a type of ground support system and are responsible for holding equipment directly above a stage or other designated area. These systems consist of a layout of roof trusses held in place by vertical truss towers that anchor the roof into the ground. For additional stability, the towers or legs can be bolted into concrete and/or laterally supported with guy cables. When setup properly, roof systems are engineered to withstand wind conditions as set forth by code. See the Roof System recently built at Pier 17 in New York City.

Though you might think that so much reinforcement would permanently lock these roof systems in place, Roof systems can be designed in such a way that they can be broken down and moved. With the perfect mix between stability and mobility, roof systems are a great choice for outdoor events.

Modular Booth Truss Systems

Modular Truss Systems are likely one of the most versatile truss systems for exhibition booths, tradeshows, DJ Booths and a host of other applications. If you are looking for a portable, lightweight and durable booth system that has the flexibility to offer different sizing for different applications you should take a look at our XSF Modular Booth Truss Systems. You can also take your modular system to a whole new level with custom color and printed canopies and powder coated truss. Everything comes in a wide range of excellent colors.

XSF Ground Support Truss Systems