MEGA Truss Picks

XSF carries truss picks for various sizes of truss.

The Light Source Mega-Truss Pick has one top and one bottom rigging hole for attaching the truss to a shackle, motor, or chain hook. The Mega-Truss Pick will suspend up to one ton of truss load, plus an additional one ton load suspended under the truss. The Mega-Truss Pick weighs less than 4 pounds for the 12″ truss version. Fits 5/8″ Shackle and larger. Other models are available for 16″, 18″, 24″, and 30″ truss.

Safe Vertical Working Load

1 ton truss load and 1 ton pass through load / 2 ton total


1/2″-13 steel swivel eyebolts, with solid aluminum wing nuts.

Truss Pick