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Powder coating available upon request in any color


Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA


XSF provides standard truss in a variety of sizes, strengths, and lengths.  From our affordable 10” XLITE truss line, to industry standard 12” and 20.5” truss, to high strength long span 36” truss, we offer a wide variety of truss sizes.  Each truss size can be manufactured in lengths ranging from 1 foot to 15 feet and in some cases up to 24 feet in length.

The World of  Truss is deep and vast. Materials, shapes, sizes, and accessories all play an important role in determining what is right for your application. Below is a list of Truss styles and truss products to meet your trussing needs

XSF also offers standard bolt plate connections, aluminum fork ends (spigots) or high strength plated steel fork end (spigot) connections.

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XLITE Truss (pronounced Ex-Light) is an engineered lightweight truss that offers affordable options

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Triangle Truss Thumbnail


Fabricated by AWS certified welders in the USA, XSF offers a large selection of Triangle Truss options

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Box Truss Thumbnail


From a 30″ x 20.5″ Heavy duty Fork Ended Utility Truss to 12″ x 12″ Utility Truss, XSF has the box truss to meet your needs.

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space saver thumbnail


Xtreme Structures Space Saving Truss is a unique truss design that allows easy stacking up to 10 high!

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XSF are proud manufacturers of both circular and oval truss.  USA made to your specifications with powder coating available upon request.  Any size truss, any diameter.

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A complete line of corner blocks ranging from 2-way corners to 6-way corners are available for all sizes of our truss

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base plate


We carry 24″, 36″ and 48″ Aluminium and Steel Universal Base Plates.

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custom truss manufacturing


A complete line of corner blocks ranging from 2-way corners to 6-way corners are available for all sizes of our truss

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Diamond Truss


Safety is number 1 in our industry and with that; many times we are faced with the challenge of offset or unbalanced loads.

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Ladder Truss Thumbnail


XSF offers a range of ladder trusses that are right for any application. All of our ladder trusses are fabricated with the same durable wall thickness….

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Lighting Truss Thumb


If you need to know more about Lighting or Staging Truss, the components, applications, and fabrication, click the link below.

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Protective Bolt Plate


XSF is proud to introduce its newest Truss Innovation. The Protective Bolt Plate will save your production 1000’s of dollars.

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5 Chord Truss


XSF offers the option of installing a 5th chord in any of our standard product line of truss.

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Integrated Rig Point


Integrated Rig Point (IRP) provides a whole new way to rig your truss safely.

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Truss Accessories


From Truss Dollies to Beam Clamps and Spanset Slings, XSF offers an assortment of Truss Accessories

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Rigging Accessories


From  to Shackles and Couplers to Mega Truss Pick and Slings,XSF had all your Rigging Accessories

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Aluminum Truss Wedges


XSF has a versatile array of Aluminum Truss Wedges with standard angles of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.

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Truss Hinges


Book-End, Center and Custom Hinges are available.  All fabricated by certified welders in the USA.

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USA Made Truss

USA Made Truss

XSF has been manufacturing and fabricating aluminum truss from our warehouse facility in Sulphur Springs, Texas since 2002.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality truss to meet the growing demands of todays leading innovators.

Leaders in Truss Fabrication

Xtreme Structures is owned and operated by individuals with Structural Engineering background.

All of our truss products are engineered to the highest standard.

More On Truss

If you’ve ever enjoyed an indoor show, outdoor concert, or any other event that uses speaker columns, concert lighting, video screens, and staging equipment, it’s likely all thanks to truss. Though they may seem like simple aluminum beams, these professionally crafted and fabricated “sticks” are specially designed to carry hefty loads and large weight capacities. Good quality truss is built to last, as it has to endure frequent set-ups, tear-downs, bumping, dropping, tossing in and out of trucks, dynamic loads and more. Trusses are the framework of concerts, and they are responsible for holding an entire production together.

Choosing what is right for your project is essential. Making the right choices will ensure that your event always goes smoothly while being entertaining and safe for your audience.

Trusses can span both very short and extremely long areas, so knowing the exact dimensions of the performance space is a good starting point. Whether you need trusses, expert advice, engineering, or supply and installation, XSF can make the entire process quick, simple, and safe. Understanding your project and your project needs is our business.

With our large test fit facility, knowledge and experience, we can provide the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for your precise application.


Having a rich history in the Truss manufacturing and fabrication industry, the XSF Gallery features, pictures and video of many projects we’re proud to have been a part of. From Outdoor Ground Support, Concert and Stage, Arena and Stadium,  XSF continues to lead the way in Truss Innovation.

Application Truss Portfolio

How Trusses Work

Each truss is composed of several different elements working together. Long parallel shafts known as chords are connected at the tips via vertical members, while diagonal members provide lacing between the chords for extra stability. This completed piece is known as a truss ladder due to its distinctive shape, and several of these can be connected with horizontal members in order to create a complete truss.

Much of the time, the ends of each truss are further reinforced with bolt plate connections or spigot connections.  To Learn more about Truss go to the XSF truss, What is Lighting Truss page.

Flown Truss

Custom Truss and Engineering Applications

XSF Truss also offers the option of creating custom truss that is made to your exact specifications. Whether you have a venue with an unorthodox setup or you just have a unique vision for exactly how you want your truss to look, custom trusses are the perfect way to help your plans come to life.

XSF has contributed to countless production setups across the country, including Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney On Ice, and NYC’s Pier 17 summer concert series. Our construction projects range from individual gyms, restuarants and clubs to massive pieces of infrastructure such as the Huntsman Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. With an extensive resume containing projects of every size and scale, XSF has the experience you need to see your project through in a safe and professional manner.

When it comes time to hang light fixtures, video screens, backdrops, speakers, or anything else that a production or performance requires, XSF’s American-made truss offer the best way to get the job done. With nearly two decades of experience in planning, drafting, and building every size of performance venue imaginable, you can trust our knowledge and experience to help turn your dream into real life.